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  • Help Protect Our Oceans

    We are committed to protecting our oceans for future generations. We not only design and produce quality clothing that will last, we also donate 5% of our profits to ocean conservation charities to protect the seas for years to come. Our dedication to the environment means that when you buy Tropical Seas clothes, you can trust that you are helping to protect our oceans and leave a positive legacy for years to come.

  • Organic and Long Lasting

    When you shop with us, you can rest assured that your purchase will have a minimal environmental impact. We offer a wide array of products crafted from environmentally-friendly materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and hemp. Not only are these materials more durable and practical than many other options on the market, but they also help reduce our collective carbon footprint - something we all can be proud to invest in.

  • Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

    Ocean Friendly Manufacturing is the backbone of our company. We created our manufacturing process with a focus on efficiency, aiming to reduce all excess waste when producing products. This means that your order will trigger production only after it is placed and that no textile materials are wasted in the process. By creating each product solely upon order, we can keep textile wastage to a minimum and strive to do our part in protecting our oceans.

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