The Official Story of Clothing Brand Tropical Seas Clothing

Tropical Seas Clothing was established in 2017, inspired by a pivotal moment during a spearfishing expedition with a close friend. On this fateful journey, our founder, Tyler Blendowski, was deeply moved by the distressing sight of extensive pollution in what should have been a pristine environment. This jarring encounter left an indelible mark on Tyler's conscience, compelling him to take action. It was from this moment of environmental awakening that the vision for Tropical Seas Clothing was born.

Effective LLC Date of Tropical Seas Clo. - 05/26/17

Founded in 2017, Tropical Seas Clothing is a family-owned business on the Jersey Shore. Founder Tyler Blendowski, 21, witnessed ocean pollution impacts on a spearfishing expedition, sparking the brand's creation.

Meet our first customer...

Vincent Patrick Ansetta, at 68, made the very first purchase at Tropical Seas Clothing. His determined "my way or the highway" attitude was matched only by his kindness. Vincent had a knack for brightening days, cherishing every dog he met, and enjoying his 99-cent cigars. His purchase sparked hope, driving us forward six years later. Vincent, beloved grandfather of our founder Tyler Blendowski, passed peacefully in 2021, leaving us with cherished memories. We dedicate our past successes and future dreams to his memory, forever grateful for his inspiration

Our Mission

Driven by our founder's passion and commitment to environmental conservation, Tropical Seas Clothing strives to merge fashion with sustainability. We aim to raise awareness about ocean conservation while providing stylish and eco-friendly apparel for beach lovers and environmental enthusiasts alike.

Our Values

Family-Owned: As a family-owned business, we prioritize integrity, quality, and community in everything we do.

Jersey Shore Roots: Our roots run deep along the Jersey Shore, and we take pride in representing our coastal heritage through our designs and values.

Environmental Advocacy: We are dedicated to advocating for ocean conservation and raising awareness about the importance of preserving our marine ecosystems.

Our Promise

When you support Tropical Seas Clothing, you're not just purchasing clothing – you're joining a movement to protect our oceans for future generations. Every purchase contributes to our mission of promoting sustainable fashion and preserving the natural beauty of our seas.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for helping us make a positive impact on the planet.

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Our Early Milestones

To Raise Brand Awareness. We collaborated for the first time ever with Heavy Reel Brewing Company out of Seaside NJ. We brewed a Delicious Pineapple IPA that was kicked within the first hour of the event! Musicians Kyle Ahern (Guitarist of Rebelution) and Mike Pinto performed.Our founder made an awesome speech to everyone who had attended about how important protecting our oceans is.

Our Journey So Far

Ever since our Journey began, we have experienced numerous highs and lows as a small business. However, we strongly believe that challenging times cultivate resilient businesses. In light of this, Tropical Seas Clothing has successfully expanded into markets across 12 different countries! We are proud to have an extensive customer base spanning the globe, comprising of hundreds of satisfied individuals. Our collaborations with prominent influencers such as Ashtin Earle (renowned Social Media Influencer and Sister to Alix Earle) and Kyle Ahern (acclaimed Guitarist of the Famous Reggae Band Rebelution), as well as sponsored events with well-established Brands like 4Ocean and Pit Viper, highlight the success and recognition we have achieved. With a promising future ahead, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth of our brand. Stay tuned for more exciting developments on our journey!