Return and Refund Policy

Need to make a Return?

Updated 04/23/2024


Is my Item Returnable?

Returnable Items / Qualified Issues:

  • Misprinted, damaged, or defective items.
  • Orders lost in transit (must be reported within 30 days of the estimated delivery date).

Example Scenarios of Qualified Returns:

Misprinted T-Shirt: Imagine you ordered one of our signature tropical t-shirts, but upon receiving it, you notice that the print is smudged or blurry. In this case, your item qualifies for a return or refund under our policy. Please provide clear photo proof of the misprint when submitting your claim to expedite the process.

Damaged Swim Shorts: You eagerly anticipate your upcoming beach vacation, only to find that the swim shorts you ordered have arrived with a tear along the seam. We understand the disappointment this may cause, and we're here to help. If your item arrives damaged, it qualifies for a return or refund. Please ensure to provide photographic evidence of the damage to support your claim.

Defective Beach Towel: You unwrap your new beach towel, ready for a day of sun and relaxation, but you notice that the fabric is frayed along the edges and stitching is coming loose. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If your item is defective, it qualifies for a return or refund. Be sure to provide clear photo evidence of the defect to facilitate the resolution process.

Photo Proof Requirement: Please note that for all claims regarding misprinted, damaged, or defective items, it is mandatory to supply photo proof when submitting your claim. This helps us assess the issue accurately and expedite the resolution process for you.

Policy Abuse Notice: We value the trust and integrity of our return policy and strive to ensure it is used responsibly by our customers. However, in cases where we detect potential abuse of our return policy, we reserve the right to take appropriate action. If a customer requests a return three times out of their first three orders, or a total of ten times in their lifetime with six out of ten claims not qualifying for a return, they will be labeled in our system as a possible policy abuser. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding the integrity of our policies.


Not Returnable Items / Disqualified Issues:

  • Sealed goods, such as face masks, which are not suitable for return due to health or hygiene reasons.
  • Orders returned due to insufficient or wrong addresses provided by the customer.
  • Unclaimed shipments that are returned to our facility.
  • Size Exchange

Example Scenarios of Non-Qualifying Returns:

Buyers Remorse/Change of Mind: Sarah purchased a vibrant tropical-themed dress from Tropical Seas Clothing but later decided that she preferred a different style. Unfortunately, change of mind or personal preference is not a qualified reason for a return under our policy. We encourage customers to review product details and sizing charts carefully before making a purchase to avoid such situations. In this case, Sarah would not be eligible for a return or refund.

Incorrect Address Provided: John placed an order for a collection of eco-friendly t-shirts from Tropical Seas Clothing but mistakenly provided an incorrect shipping address. As a result, the package was returned to our facility. Instances where a customer provides an insufficient or incorrect address are not qualified for a return under our policy. To prevent such issues, we advise customers to double-check their shipping information before finalizing their orders. Unfortunately, John's situation does not meet the criteria for a return or refund.

Normal Wear and Tear: Emily received a beautifully designed hoodie from Tropical Seas Clothing and wore it regularly for several months. Over time, the hoodie showed signs of normal wear and tear, such as slight fading of colors and minor pilling. While we strive to provide high-quality garments, normal wear and tear resulting from regular use is not considered a defect and does not qualify for a return under our policy. We encourage customers to follow care instructions provided with their purchases to maintain the quality and longevity of their items. In Emily's case, the hoodie does not meet the criteria for a return or refund.


Why We Have This Policy

We understand that receiving a damaged or defective item can be frustrating, and we empathize with your situation. Our return and refund policy is designed to ensure fairness and sustainability while providing the best possible experience for our customers.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products to our business practices. By limiting returns to eligible issues, we reduce unnecessary transportation and waste, minimizing our environmental impact.


What If I Don't Qualify for a Return?

We understand that there may be instances where you believe you don't qualify for a return. If you've received an item that doesn't meet our return criteria, we encourage you to consider our sustainable practices and the impact of unnecessary returns on the environment.


Exchange Policy

At this time, we do not have an exchange policy in place. If you require a different size or style, we recommend placing a new order for the desired item and following our return process for the original purchase if applicable.

We value your understanding and cooperation as we strive to maintain our commitment to sustainability while providing excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Notification for EU consumers: According to Article 16(c) and (e) of the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights, the right of withdrawal may not be provided for:

1. The supply of goods that are made to the consumer's specifications or are clearly personalized.

2. Sealed goods which were unsealed after delivery and thus aren't suitable for return due to health protection
or hygiene reasons, therefore Tropical Seas LLC reserves rights to refuse returns at its sole discretion.

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.

* Packages sent out from our US and Mexico fulfillment centers are returned to our Charlotte facility: 11201 Ed Brown Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28273. 

* Packages sent out from our facility in Canada are returned to: Unit 3, 3500 Laird Rd, Mississauga, ON L5L 5Y4 Canada.

* Packages sent out from our Latvian facilities are automatically returned to Plienciema 5, Marupe, Marupes novads, LV-2167, Latvia.

* Packages sent out from our Spanish facility are automatically returned to Travessía Prat de la Riba, 91-95, 08849 Sant Climent de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.

* Packages sent out from our UK facility are automatically returned to Antar 2, 1 Headway Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 6PZ.

* Packages fulfilled by our partner facilities in Australia are returned to: 40 Tanimbla Street, Kedron, Queensland 4031, Australia (apparel orders); 338 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia (non-apparel orders, except for phone cases); 6 Axis Crescent, Dandenong South VIC 3175, Australia (phone cases).

* Packages fulfilled by our partner facilities in Japan are returned to: Komiyaji 817-3, Shinwamachi, Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture, 863-0101 Japan (apparel orders); Ibe 15, Kunogi, Nakanoto, Kashima, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan 929-1801 (non-apparel orders).

* Packages fulfilled by our partner facility in Brazil are returned to: Rodovia Santos Dumont, 4791 (Antigo KM 3,5), Armazém 111, Galpão 02, Empreendimento Caxias Park. Parque Paulista. CEP 25251-460. Duque de Caxias - RJ, Brasil.

Public Disclaimer: These return address’s should be used only for product returns. All other types of correspondence (notices, letters, etc.) sent to our address will be returned to the sender, as we're not legally permitted to open correspondence that's not addressed to us. 

This Policy shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the English language, regardless of any translations made for any purpose whatsoever.

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